Ready for Adventures!

Puppies Available

Oh, the places you’ll go.
— Dr. Seuss

Guided by the ALCA (Australian Labradoodle Club of America) and the most up to date genetic health testing, we raise Australian Labradoodles that are ready for any adventure! They are athletic, fun loving dogs ready to go camping, hiking, running or on a neighborhood stroll with you. Whatever your favorite outdoor adventure is, they are ready to go! When the day is done, they love to cuddle and relax.

Health Matters

Our dogs are registered with the ALCA (Australian Labradoodles Club of America). An ALCA registered Australian Labradoodle is the best way to ensure that the parent's health testing has been done and that they have a long line of shed-free coats. The ALCA has already done all of the verification for you and greatly simplifies the research process.